We have asked the Governor of Nevada to open up cost-effective homecare resources and allow innocent people, like those in this video, to be released back into their home and community settings. Please, you can also speak up for them.

Governor Brian Sandoval is avoiding addressing embarrassing issues concerning homecare in Nevada.

How does wrongful institutionalization of people with disabilities and of our elderly keep going on?

People with disabilities are protesting Nevada Medicaid policies that cause unnecessary institutionalization. The Governor of Nevada avoids facing them.

They are protesting for these three minimal requirements to stop unnecessary institutionalization and establish self-directed homecare.

Are you an attorney or newsperson who is willing to help?  Please read your introduction note and the latest update.

Please speak up!

Speak up for wrongfully institutionalised people. Many debilitated elderly people, and other people with disabilities, are not given the privilege of living their lives freely as we do.  These are doomed to spend the rest of their lives and die in long-term care facilities.

They are mostly poor, non-influential and without any political clout. They meagerly cry out, "Help us get out of here!" Their pleas are unheard or simply ignored.

This 4 min. video only shows the tip of the iceberg of the harm from unnecessary institutionalization that many elderly suffer. Their plea for help was brought directly to the Nevada governor's attention more than one year ago. After it was reviewed, all commenting from any of the Governor's staff, was restricted. Only, a couple backroom discussions with a disabled advocate were permitted.

In a private call, Deputy Chief of Staff Bryant conveyed the Governor's pathetic decision, "There will be no change. Independent homecare will remain closed off from those who are not already receiving it."

Our Governor is fully aware of these people and of the policies that keep them there. So far, many phone calls, letters, in-person requests and even, protests in Carson City, have all gone unanswered. You, the community, must speak up for the rights of our most vulnerable citizens.

Contact Gov. Sandoval and ask why is this hardship continuing for such vulnerable elderly Nevadans.  You can e-mail him or Call this office, (775-684-5670), and leave a brief message for Gov. Sandoval with his secretary.  

Mention that you recently saw the video of two people in a Reno facility asking him for help. Then just ask, "Has the Governor responded to them or helped them get out of there?"  

Then, also include one or more of these follow-up questions:

Be sure to ask for some kind of direct response.  And please, let us know what, if any response, you receive from his office.

E-mail us at: [email protected]
or call Rick Cline at, 775-356-5351.