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How can wrongful institutionalization of people with disabilities and of our elderly persist?

We have asked the Governor of Nevada to open up cost-effective homecare resources and allow innocent people, like those in this video, to be released back into their home and community settings. Please, you can also speak up for them.

Governor Brian Sandoval is avoiding talking about the problems concerning unfairness in Nevada's homecare administration.

People with disabilities are protesting Nevada Medicaid policies that cause wrongful institutionalization. The Governor of Nevada avoids facing them.

These are the three minimal requirements to end unnecessary institutionalization and establish self-directed homecare.

You are an attorney or newsperson who is willing to help?  Please read your introduction note and the latest update.

Why are they institutionalized? That is an appropriate question our Governor should be asked.  Better yet, "Why are many people unnecessarily institutionalized in Nevada?" In my experience, here's why––

First, people are routinely institutionalized because of various physical parodies, maybe a stroke or other debilitating condition. So, they require personal assistance to live, things like getting on and off the toilet, bathing, etc.   Although, cheaper and higher quality homecare services are available outside of institutions; many people with disabilities or elderly, are simply not offered that alternative.  This continued, unnecessary institutionalization persists for only two reasons:

1. The corporate facilities that house these people, make a very significant profit by keeping them.

2. State administrators have been enticed to maintain that cash flow for this *wrongful institutionalization rather than spending that money on personal homecare. This would allow many people, (like those in the video), to cost-effectively enjoy a safe, healthier and more independent quality of life, just like we do.

*This is wrongful institutionalization because it causes real harm to real people and it is contrary to our nation's laws.
Will you help circulate this information?  You might also ask someone else look at the video, ask questions, and then speak up.  

Our e-mail is: [email protected]